Smartphone Dental Light

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The latest multi-purpose smartphones (Samsung S9, Iphone 7, 8 and X) have made considerable progress and especially the Huawei P20 Pro which is the only one to give a magnification adapted to the dental photo without going through the destructive digital zoom at qualitative level. Such a device deserves a lighting at its height. The SDL (Smartphone Dental Light) is the ideal product: 2 adjustable panels made of 12 LEDs of very high quality (CRI> 95), variable light intensity on 8 levels with Lithium-ion battery. Built-in Bluetooth remote control on the handle for easy triggering.

Contents of the box: SDL including 2 LED panels and a handle with housing for the Bluetooth remote control Removable with its battery USB charger Dual charging cord for simultaneous charging of the 2 LED panels Soft carrying bag

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